Sep 30, 2009

Please: Prayer in Action for the Philippines

I have a new blogging friend, so to speak. We've only "conversed" a few times in recent weeks, but she is a young Filipino, in her early 20's, a university student. She's bright, seems to me to be very authentic and honest about her feelings and beliefs on her blogs, and I appreciate that about her. She's learning to find her voice out there in the world, and at such a young age, I admire that in her.

Her name is Jenny, and her blog is Oh, By the Way. She lives in the Philippines. She left me a comment today that said this:

"hi ms Chel,

I was thinking if you could somehow raise an awareness over what has happened in o[u]r country. Uhm, i know it's a big favor to ask but we really need your help. who knows, someone with a good heart will donate. the damaged in our country is beyond repair with just us..thank you so much for the time:)"
Realizing that Blogger is going to miss a few things in translation, you get the idea. So I started doing a little research.

It's not hard to find articles and videos on what's going on there. Three days ago, on September 27, 2009, these small islands were struck by a typhoon (basically a hurricane) called Ondoy.

In her most recent post about the typhoon, Jenny said:
I am imploring to those people who have the capacity to spread the word that Philippines is really in need of your help, be it financially and in prayers. This country needs more than just healing. The people who were affected by the calamity need to feel that they are loved.
As a child of God and a member of the Body of Christ, that last sentence hit me right between the eyes. You know, I may not have much, but I do "have the capacity to spread the word." Many of you do, too.

If you can donate, it is much needed and I'm sure appreciated. But even if you can't donate, can you spread the word? Nothing shows love like genuine concern. I know I would love nothing more than for this young Filipino lady and the people of her country to be able to feel the love of Christ during such a terrible disaster.

Wouldn't that be just like our God to take a horrific nightmare and turn it into a conduit for His love to pour out over them?

Click here to read more and donate to Samaritan's Purse.

Click here to read more and donate to the Philippine National Red Cross.

One last thing, and I've saved the best for last: will you pray? Will you pray a true, heart-felt petition to God for His mercy and grace and provision to be sent quickly to those in the Philippines...and in Indonesia and the islands of Samoa while we're at it?

Our planet is experiencing the birth pangs Scripture speaks of (see Matthew 24:3-8), which means we don't know how long these people have to hear the Truth and receive it.

The time is now.


Daddy's Chick's said...

I keep in her in my prayers . . . about what I used for the picture: Picnik. It is AWESOME. Have a blessed day my friend.

Tracy said...

Great post! Thanks for doing it. Seems Jenny is encouraging us both to think more about the Philippines.

Brad said...

Thanks for your post and video. Has me thinking and praying for the Philippines. Just added a link to this post at facebook.

peace & grace,

jenny said...

thanks for the nice post..:)
and i'm sorry my comment was not that good:P
it took me sometime to read you post on my blog (i don't know why you can't add a comment though)
i'm not sure who's my God. i'm in the knowing-Him stage. at my age, there are a lot of things that hinders me to know Him more. But my God is someone that can see beyond religion, someone who saved me even before i was born. and it's time for me to repay it. i still have doubts to tell you the truth. but i'm coping. i hope you can help me understand Him more.:)

Dena said...

My daughters bf is a marine and he was just sent from Japan to the Philippines to help. On Tuesday, the day he and his troop flew there, there was a bombing at a hotel where 2 American soldiers and many local civilians were killed, so they have that tragedy they are dealing with over there as well. We are most definitely keeping them all in our prayers.