Jul 1, 2011

Boy Wonder

Today is the last day of Vacation Bible School. Sans the last couple of years, we have attended VBS every single year since Mini me was three. The last time we participated, he was a receiver; this year he was a youth helper...a giver.

I was beginning to wonder about him...if he was ever going to get past that "little boy" stage and mature into the "young man" stage. He must have had a really good childhood; he's worked hard at holding on to it. I've heard many say that's typical of boys, but I have also seen what the boy can do. And I've wondered how the transition happens from goofy middle schooler to responsible adolescent. And not only how, but when.

I think maybe this week, he's taken a step in that direction.

Not only has he been volunteering at VBS this week, helping littler kids than himself play wrecking ball, bounce around in (and out of) the inflatables, and showing off his expertise in goofiness to impress the masses, but he's also been working like a dog helping his Granny move into her new house. Every afternoon.

He's pretty much been a second right hand to my DH. The two of them have been lifting the biggest boxes, moving the heaviest furniture upstairs, and setting up the most complicated devices. He has gotten up early and stayed up later than he needed to, and hasn't complained one time.

Now, I realize the goofy middle schooler is still alive and well in my boy, but I am thankful that God has shown me that he is, albeit slowly, still developing into a hard-working young man. And I say it's a beautiful thing.

And in his own words, "It's not so bad!"