Oct 4, 2009

Project 365...Epic Post

Sara at Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord has been faithfully hosting this Project 365 (a picture from every day) since January 1 of this year. Many people have been faithfully posting every Sunday a picture of each day from the previous week in an attempt to photographically journal the entire year. Some people, not so faithfully. I would be in this category. However, I have been taking some photos and keeping them, so I think I'll separate the summer months out over a couple of Project 365 posts until I get caught up. We'll start with May and June.


This slays me.
He's actually fallen asleep like that!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked outside.

These are some beautiful flowers a couple of my co-op students gave me as an end of the year teacher's gift. The smell literally permeated my whole kitchen for days.

We got Daddy an ice cream maker for Father's Day (and gave it to him early!) This brilliant piece of machinery came with a hand crank along with a motor. Daddy didn't tell the boys it came with a motor at first. :-)

Monkey see, monkey do.

Daddy hung a rope from a tree this month.
This is the best swing...like ever.

He was scared to get on it at first; now you can't get him off of it!

This is a tiny bird's nest the boys spotted in our bushes.

This picture reminds me of the poem about the kids' hand prints on the walls, and I can stress about keeping them clean, or I can enjoy having them at home while I have them.

Lil'bit got loaded up in his daddy's "slippers" as he calls them.
We had these out while getting ready for the trip to Hawai'i.

Speaking of Hawai'i, I think I will actually post a whole Project 365 of just Hawai'i pictures next week. Definitely the highlight of our summer.
This one was taken the evening of the luau at our hotel.


Brown Eyes and the abandoned cocoon he found outside. I was impressed that
he knew what it was when he saw it!

Beautiful Plumeria in bloom. These small trees (which grow very abundantly large in Hawai'i) came from clippings that DH's grandparents brought back in the 70's. All of the grandchildren got clippings from their parents' clippings to grow our own trees.

Lil'Bit swangin'.

Still swangin'.

Tired of swangin'.

Come back next week to see SOME pics of our Hawai'i trip...don't worry, I won't post them all. I don't think Blogger could handle it. Thanks, Sara, for putting up with the renegade of the Project!


Dena said...

Great pictures! The one where your son fell asleep on the swing reminds me of my daughter who used to ride the rocking horse we had all the time, and she frequently rocked herself to sleep on it.

The plumeria is gorgeous! I wish I had a green thumb, so I could enjoy flowers like those.

Edie said...

I love how you catch us up Chel! That first picture had me on the floor. LOL! Your boys are just precious.

Love you!

Daddy's Chick's said...

Boy have the Boys gotten BIG . . . I enjoyed the pictures. Have a blessed week (stay dry).

Merrie said...

I love seeing all the pictures. I remember those rope swings. They are the BEST! I wondered what a plumeria was - have loved the scent. Can't wait to see the Hawaii pictures. That is something my husband has wanted to do for as long as I"ve known him (a LONG time!)

Merrie said...

I just realized you are from Georgia! What part? I'm from GA too (but live in OK)... Actually, we may have exchanged this information earlier, but I forgot. Sorry...
I grew up in Atlanta area, but we have lived all over S. GA b/c my husband is a Methodist preacher. I was born in Alma when my parents lived in Baxley.

rita said...

Good for you! You did not give up! This way of sorting your photos, has allowed you to select the very best in each category. And they are excellent!
Glad you came back!