Nov 4, 2008

Trip to Kentucky

So my mom was here for 10 days for the first time in four years. Yep. Four years. Usually we go home (she lives in Texas) at least once a year, but I had told her we most likely wouldn't make it home this year. So she did what any self-respecting Mamaw suffering from grandchildren withdrawals would do: she hopped on a jet plane and came to see us!

We also have some friends who are much further along in life than we are. She and I worked in women's ministry together for a while and got to develop a Christ-centered relationship through that. Even though she and I don't get to attend church together anymore, we still have that sweet bond that joins two believers together and nothing can separate...even time away. She and her DH have spent the last couple of decades saving up money and furnishings for land and to build a cabin in Kentucky, which is where their roots are. (Talk about inspiration!) Both of them grew up within just a few miles of their property, which they call Twin Oaks.

Their dream all those years was to build a cabin in which their children (and now grandchildren) can congregate for the holidays and reunions, etc. They have a large family, so the cabin needed to be accommodating...and boy is it.

My friend (I'll call her Penny) and her hubby are so gracious as to allow people (including our family) to visit their cabin when their family isn't using it. My DH built a few things for her kitchen, including a pot rack

and a bea.u.ti.ful shelving unit that is mounted to her cabinet

So couple that with the fact that this is our third time to stay in this glorious cabin, and you have a small sense of ownership on our part! It's like a home-away-from-home for us. Really, it's more like a heaven-away-from-reality. Yeah, it's like that.

Anyway, while we were there, Brown Eyes celebrated his 8th birthday, and even though he hasn't had his "party" with his friends and all, he (and we) had a ball. Enjoy the show:

[EDIT: Apparently Rock You! has some serious issues, because we are not a hispanic family, but that's the slideshow that was posted here this morning. I have an email into them to see if we can fix el problemo.] :-)


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oooh, that cabin is really something! Wow! Your hubby is talented, making those shelves and pot rack.

Do you speak fluent Spanish? My hubby does, and I wish I did to, so that we could teach Savannah while she is young enough to soak it up. It's a little tougher to learn when you're my age. :)

Kim said...

First off, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! One of the fun things about participating in Fall Into Flavor is the new friends we make!
I really enjoyed stopping by your blog and will be back.
Several ladies asked for a biscuit recipe so I'll be posting that today.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Sorry, Jackie, the only hispanic we have in our family is the fact that we were born and raised in South Texas, so we have a lot of the culture and FOOD in our history, but no hispanic blood or language. :-)

That was some kind of "filler" that was posted instead of my slideshow. Hopefully we'll get it resolved soon.

Greg C said...

So which week can I sign up for? I would love to stay in a place like that. Great shots.

LISSALYNN2006 said...

beautiful! im sure you will have many great times in that new cabin..............are you coming to feminar with chel in feb? hope to see you there

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Tell "Penny" I'm next and tell her Hola! (to keep with the hispanic influence! lol)
love ya, Chel