Nov 4, 2008

Trip to Kentucky, Numero Dose

Well, in the spirit of "Do Overs," I am going to post my new (but not new) slideshow.

See, here's what happened: I spent a lot of time creating this fantasic slideshow on the Rock You! website. When I pasted the code to my post, it showed me the wrong slideshow. I emailed the company, but got no response (to this day). So I then emailed a friend who has had the same problem, and she said hers eventually published just fine; maybe the spanish slideshow is just a filler until your post actually publishes the slideshow. Great! So I scheduled the thing to publish.

WELL, my DH stayed home for a bit this morning, so I didn't check my blog until 7:30 am or so. Some of you had commented already; including one dear friend asking if we speak spanish fluently! Well no, we really don't.

So I sent another email, sent a message to their online "live chat" (which was OFF line), and after searching for a phone number on their site for some time, called their offices...which had NO ONE to answer the phone.

Go figure.

So Smilebox is now my internet hero. (I have others, but those are either God, or people...this one is just a website). Anyway, they saved the day for me.

At least I hope so. As I am typing this, I haven't actually published it yet. :-)

Click to play Trip to Kentucky
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Amy Comeaux said...

Wow how beautiful. The cabin looks like it could be an HGTV dream home! Family togetherness trips are the best! Thanks for sharing!

Meg in Tally said...

Love the slideshow! I'm going to have to learn how to do that.

What a beautiful home and countryside! I want to go stay there and play Wii too!

I've enjoyed catching up on your blog this evening. You're so much fun!