Jul 12, 2008

Sir Marks-a-Lot

You know, I've always been kinda artsy. Not over the top, mind you, but it's there.

I used to draw and paint as a child and teenager. Somehow college and marriage derailed that hobby a long time ago. That's okay, because I'm sure I'll need something to pick up when they're all gone and the anaphylactic shock wears off from all the free time. Because it's quite evident that I have developed a severe allergy to free time.

Well that was an interesting tangent.

Anyway, here's what I actually intended to share:

I have a little bit of artsy in me. It should be no surprise that I would have at least one of my offspring who appreciates the fine arts. Rest assured, I have not been disappointed.

Praise the LORD! He's got some artsy in him. Leave it to Lil'bit. Because I was worried that he might have been shortchanged in the creative department.

Obviously, he has markers and deodorant confused.

Somebody please remind me again why I keep buying markers. Colored pencils are so much more practical, but it strikes terror in my heart to think of what he would do with those!

This is one of those opportunities for me to learn to love all the wonderful innate flair that God has graciously poured into my kids. Because even the difficult traits, the less attractive mannerisms, the unusual quirks...they all make up who they are. They are complicated individuals -- even at three and a half.

Everything God places in our lives is there to make us more like Christ. That includes my kids. And my husband. And all their weird idiosyncrasies. God has and will use them to shape me; and He'll use me and all my "stuff" to mold them. It's all part of the intricate, convoluted plan that He's had since before the beginning of time! How exciting is that?!

Today, I responded the way I should: a quick smile, a sound correction, and then an immediate picture for my post! *grin*

But I must admit there are times when I stress first, and then have this realization. I hate that. But I love that my God has everything I need, and is continuing to chisel away at my "self" until one Glorious Day, nothing will be left but the perfect reflection of the Son of God.

I can't wait for that.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I have 2 boys and 2 girls. Right there with ya on this post!
Columbus, GA