Jul 24, 2008

God's So Funny Y'all

Okay, I have to admit. This next statement is SOOO much easier for me to say at 11:55 pm, when everybody has gone to bed and I am finally alone. But the fact is, God has really been very gracious to infuse a lot of His compassion and humor into my life with my kids in order to balance the aggravation that they can generate.

For example, have you ever noticed that baby poop doesn't really smell that bad when they're first born, but as they get closer and closer to their potty-training age, it gets worse and worse? I really think that's because God's saying, "They can't help themselves early on, so I'll cut ya some slack. But as they get older, you (mom) need to be motivated to get them trained!" What could be more motivating than an olfactory offense?

When they are first born, they sound so sweet and lovable when they cry. But a year later, we must be acclimated to a shrill that peels the paint off the walls...and sometimes in the most inappropriate places to boot.

Here's a biggie: They aren't mobile for a good while after they're born. I just KNOW this was by design, too. It's as if God said, "Okay, woman, you have this demanding little progeny that is totally dependant upon you...but at least you won't have to chase him...for a while."

See? God's grace is imparted.

Then they learn to talk. Oh boy. This is good and bad. It's good in that they can now tell you what they want; it's bad that they can now tell you what they want. Constantly.

But the other good thing about them learning to communicate is the process they go through. I have been keeping a journal of some of the things my kiddos have said over the years that have kept a smile on our faces as we go along. I think I'll share some with you now.

Mini me:
  • Liked to go look at books at "Barnes and Stables."

  • We would pass by the fire station, and if the door was closed, he would say the "fire truck is 'leepin?"

  • He liked roasting "smarshmallows"

  • More recently (like last week): I told him about the old Grey Poupon commercials. He said to me in his best English accent: "Pardon me, do you have any gray poop on?"
Brown Eyes:

  • Big things were "HUGE-MONGOUS!"

  • After he cut his finger, he went to his daddy and said, "My finger is cracking!"

  • He loved to eat "oitmeal"

  • Before he was 2 years old, he would try to eat his Grandpa's Starlight candies (red & white peppermints), but we would say, "Those are Grandpa's!" So he began to ask for "Grandpa's" (He thought we were telling him what they were instead of whose they were.)


  • Loves to eat "Chicken Little Soup" for lunch

  • Always asks at church: "Can I go to da PRAYground?"

  • Any cup with a handle holds "foffee"

  • He is FINALLY potty-trained...and wearing his big-boy "Wonderwears."

  • My personal favorite: "You're not a person, you're a Momma!" Yeah.

I love my God and His thoughtfulness towards us Mommas!

I think I'll head over to da prayground and drink some foffee tomorrow morning...after I eat my oitmeal and sausage with grey poop on.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

I found you by way of the Nester this AM and have enjoyed reading. Rarely do I find another Georgia Girl. I just started my blog in June and I am a little on the slow side since I don't know how to do a lot with my blog. I am seeing how not computer savvy I am. Your children are precious, and long ago as they were I remember all those funny things they used to say. Cherish these days.

The Happy Housewife said...

Great idea to keep a journal of their cute sayings. And you are right, God is good and gracious.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Here I am once again. Forgot to tell you my secret for cleaning the coffee maker. Liquid dishwasher detergent. Cascade is usually what I have. I squirt some in and coat the side and bottom. Fill full with warm water, and the stainless almost sparkles.

Kelsey said...

I love the journal idea! God is so good!

Jodie said...

Chel this is awesome! Far and away, one of the best parts of parenting is what they say!! I love "Wonderwears"! Your children are all adorable - cute faces, cute personalities! Sweet stuff as I start my day. I needed to read this b/c lately I've viewed them mostly as aggravation generators. :|
Thanks for this!
Have a SUPER day! I hope you're wearing your wonderwears - because they make you more than a person. They make you a Momma. (A WonderMomma. You know, like WonderWoman!)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a great post! And kids really do say the cutest things!

Elle said...

I have a new blog too - I really love recording the moments that hit me
nice post

At Home Redesigns said...

Too cute..the kids and what they have to say...