Jul 7, 2008

de chil'ren

Okay ya'll, a few ground rules:

I will be posting pictures of de chil'ren, but to protect their identity, I will be using "nicknames" for them.

For those who know them, it will be obvious which one they are.

I'm going to use the following terms:

dh = darling husband :-)
oldest son = Mini me
middle son = Brown eyes
youngest son = Lil' bit

Mini me is so named because he is a miniature me: an avid reader, can communicate well, and detail oriented (sometimes to a fault). He looks like me (well, male-version and bit younger) and has some of my childhood characteristics, like a crazy imagination and drama, drama, drama.

Brown eyes is termed as such because he is the only one of the three with chocolate brown eyes (be still my heart). Since the eyes are said to be the window to the soul, they reveal his earthy nature and tender spirit. He is more daring than me, but very giving, considerate, and affectionate. Except when it comes to Mini me. :-)

Lil' bit is an understatement, and a bit ironic in the same. I say ironic because Lil' bit probably has the biggest personality of us all. He is the crazy one, the life of the party. He is also the most difficult to persuade, control, and manipulate. I believe God will use this boy in a strong leadership role one day.

Thanks for taking this stroll with me. I pray that we will each be equally blessed by what is shared on this blog. Feel free to post comments anytime.



Linda said...

I enjoyed the slide show and the descriptions of each. I'm so glad you decided to jump into the blog pool. Warning: it is addictive--don't let it take over your life! Seriously, though, it's time consuming but rewarding. I always think that even if nobody reads me, I have these stories to share with my kids after I'm gone. (That's making a big assumption that they will read them!)

Chel said...

I love each and everyone of those nicknames!
~Aunt Chel says hug my boyzzz!