Aug 11, 2008

Oh MY Word! I Got Give Away!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Joyful Sister at Encouragement from My Heart for her thoughtfulness toward this newbie from almost the other side of the world!

She has the faith in the Word and the lavishness to call me her Christ, that is! :-) My friend is one fortunate cookie to get to live in Hawaii (yeah, I know), but one Day, we will live together in the most beautiful paradise that has ever existed! Woo hoo! BE sure and visit her blog and give her some love back. She has an awesome relationship with our God and shares it like an open book. She also writes some gorgeous poems that I am confident will bless your socks off!

NOW, I have the enjoyable privilege of passing these awards on to other friends. So I would like to share these two awards with the following. And you should go check them out, too, because they are so worth your time:

Chel at Abiding Branch - She and I have been best friends since we were 3 and 4 years old. Even though we never went to the same school, God saw fit to keep us together all these years. And might I say there have been many. Now we get to serve together in a women's ministry called WOVEN. How cool is that? She is my perfect example of how God will do what He will to glorify Himself in everything. Because we didn't always know that our friendship would glorify Him like it does now. Wow.

Diane at Meyers on the Hood - I have gotten to know Diane through our Believing God online study. You should visit her again on Thursday and see what we all post in her comments about the study. She has an authentic spirit about her and an incredible testimony.

Jackie at Our Moments, Our Memories - Jackie has been a true blessing to me through her writing and through her comments to me. She is so sincere and real in both. Thank you, Jackie.

Jodie at The Sky is Only Dark Between the Stars - Jodie was one of my very first bloggy friends! This girl is a hoot, to say the least. She calls herself "Wordgirl," which is the second thing that attracted me to her...the first was the title of her blog. I absolutely LOVE the full need to check her out! She's even just can't miss fun with that!

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee - Okay, Linda, I'm sorry...I know you must receive a bazillion of awards from people all the time, but I simply cannot do this for my very first time and not include you. Linda was the very first blog I ever read, and the only one for like 8 months! I had no idea what a blog was, but I did a Google search on whatever it was (it was erased from my memory after spending two hours on Linda's blog!) and it pulled up one of her articles. I literally almost died that night from laughing so hard. I was SO hooked after that! She's my inspiration and my blogging mentor...again, sorry Linda. :-) Love you!

Meg at Life at Lonesome Pine - Meg is my newest bloggy friend. She and I have a similar writing style I think, except she's better. She's extremely friendly and warmhearted. It's totally like having a conversation when I read her.

Okay, so the rules are really simple: Pass these on...or not. It's up to you! But know that I send these out with sincerest warmth and admiration for each of you. Thank you for being a part of my world.

This is pretty much how you make me feel:


Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Absolutely positively, scrumdeliociously (it's a word :-) ) wonderful! You are the sweetest I love you forEVAh!


Meg in Tally said...

You are just too sweet, sugah! LOL!! Thanks for the love! You did forget to mention that I am a total nutcase and should probably be locked thanks for that!

If ya'll just happen by Lonesome Pine and want to read a true story that will make you howl...check out my archived post on May 18, 2008.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Well, thank you! You pretty much made my day. :)

And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only unrefined non-sushi eater out there... ha!

Jodie said...

Aw Chel! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! A million times, thank you! :) You are an absolute dollface!

And that picture? That's totally how you make me feel too! You just totally blessed my heart with your sweet words.

You sure know how to make a girl soar.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Chel, you almost cracked a tough nut like me and choked me up! Trust me--not easy. I feel things deeply but it doesn't always show on the outside. I am humbled and honored that you thought of me. And your words to me--I wish I could save them up in my heart and always remember them because they're some of the nicest anyone has ever said to me. Seriously. I feel like asking God why he's so good to me in blessings like this, and by that I mean your kindness and friendship. I'm so glad we've met.

DidiLyn said...

Oh for goodness sake! I came by yesterday and tried to leave a must have been deleted of I got those silly letters typed in wrong or something. If you want to take back your award, I totally understand...if not...THANK YOU very much for thinking of me! I love doing bible study with you. :-)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Congrats on your awards. We now officially have to be friends because we have some of the same friends. Actually Jodie and I are real-life friends ... Jackie and Linda are bloggy friends. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you and I'll be back to read more.

Anonymous said...

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