Aug 23, 2008



Some of our adult Sunday School classes got a sneak preview of the movie "Fireproof" Friday night.

First of all, if you are planning to see this movie (and I pray you are), I will NOT SPOIL anything on this's safe to keep reading.

But can I just tell you this is the best movie I've seen in a looooooooooong time!

This movie was created by the same group of Georgians who created Facing the Giants (another of my all-time favorite movies). Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea play the leads, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Holt.

Since great things seem to always come in threes, I have three words:


Believable because the story line, the characters, and the situations of those characters are all things that any of us might see either in our own families or in others directly around us if we had the capability to peer into the private lives of those families.

Relevant because the issues that the Holt couple faces are those that are, sadly, so common in our day and time. Many different levels of issues are presented that almost any couple would be able to relate to in some degree. And the only true Remedy to those issues is presented in a delicate and beautiful way.

Adept because the cast, directors, and all those involved in setting this movie did a ridiculously professional job. Kirk and Erin (notice how I address the stars of this movie, as if I know them personally) each capture the heart and draw you in to this movie with such a distinct magnetism.

Over 450 people showed up for this sneak preview, and I'm sure that every one of us laughed out loud, cried inside (if not outwardly), held our breath a time or two, and applauded heartily when it was over.

Every couple who doesn't have Jesus actively involved in their marriage needs to see this movie. Every couple who plans to be married needs to see this movie. Every married couple in America needs to see this movie.

The Gospel is presented very clearly in the course of circumstances. So much so that our Sunday School director provided an invitation at the end of the movie for anyone who wanted to come to know the Lord and be saved...and at least two responded.

HERE'S THE THING: This movie opens in theaters on Friday, September 26. As with any movie, the first week of ticket sales determines whether or not that movie stays in theaters. It is urgent that all who wish to see this movie see it the first week to ensure that it stays in the theaters as long as possible! This movie has the potential of greatly impacting not only families in our nation, but individual souls for eternity as well.

We really showed Hollywood that we would love and support a movie like "Facing the Giants" with its clean fun, godly message, and Biblical standards. "Fireproof" has all that and more.

I strongly encourage you to consider who you could invite to see this movie with you. We already have two couples in mind: one lined up to see it with them on opening night, and another couple we will present tickets to on opening week. Make a double date out of it! Dinner, movie, coffee and dessert afterwards. It could change your marriage...and your life.

September 26. Say "I do" to Fireproof.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Good to know! You have made me want to run and see it now...

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

I do plan on seeing this movie! I am thrilled! Man I was going to say something but I forgot alas the disease has spread into my blog world!
Oooooo, tee hee! I remembered...I am so happy to see one of my eh hum teen idols be such a force for the Lord. See JesusHe made sure you and I were not just earthly friends but Heavenly ones as well. You are heavenly, awww! But back on track, Kirk moved from being all over my walls to all over the airwaves for Jesus!!
Ok, I am done now! Love you!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You have me wanting to see it, Chel. I'll talk it up to my church staff.

Greg C said...

I guess I need to get off the island more. This is the first I have heard of the movie. I usually don't go see movies but I might venture out for this one since you recommended it so highly. Thanks.

Prasti said...

thanks for the review. we'll keep an eye out for it come september.

praise the Lord for the 2 people that came forward to accept Christ at your church. that's fantastic!

MamaHenClucks said...

What an incredible review! I have not even heard of this movie, but I will definitely be looking forward to seeing it when it comes out! Yea!

Joyfulsister said...

Oh I want to see it to!!
I keep hearing about on our Christian Radio Station, and now sensing your excitment in your post I can't wait!! Thanks for the review..
Hugz Lorie

MoziEsmé said...

I LOVED Facing the Giants! This one sounds like another winner

Tiffanie said...

I can be so totally out of touch with the world at times. We never turn on the TV, and my Sunday school didn't get to preview this one... it's the first I've heard of the movie. But I'll be sure to see it. After baby, hubby and I will be due for a date around then!

mamajil said...

I can't wait to see this movie!!
We just loved Facing the Giants, so I am sure we will love this one!

Maisie said...

I heard about this movie awhile ago and forgot about it. It sounds like it's going to be a good one. My husband and I are Christians and have been married for 18 years, but we didn't have Jesus actively involved in our marriage until recently. What a difference Jesus makes. This movie would have been great to see 18 years ago.

Elle said...

Great review - I had been wondering about the movie - we will try to go see it

Deb Burton said...

Hey Chel, I'm going to post a link to your review from my site. I am so excited about seeing this movie, now more so since reading your take on it!

Deb Burton said...

Hey Chel, I'm going to post a link to your review from my site. I am so excited about seeing this movie, now more than ever!