Sep 26, 2008

Fireproof Movie -- Let's Show 'Em!

Several weeks ago, I posted about my opportunity to get a sneak preview of the movie Fireproof. If you didn't read that post, please go back and read my review (no spoilers, I promise).

I wanted to post a quick reminder that the movie opens today, Friday the 26th in theaters everywhere.

I mentioned in that post that there is a high importance for God's people to show our support of this movie in the first week it's out. If a movie doesn't do well in its first week, it will be taken out of the theaters.

Let's show Hollywood that the public wants to support movies with wholesome messages, clean storytelling, and *gasp* even Godly influence!


Elle said...

I will try to get out and see it
Yes I did read your earlier post and will watch for it to come to my town.

Meg in Tally said...

We're going after church Sunday afternoon! Can't wait to see it. Facing the Giants was probably the last movie when Mr. Fix-It actually went with us--so this will be fun.

On a side note: Sherwood Christian Academy is one of the teams Bex plays in volleyball (we always beat them! LOL!!) It's fun to go to their school and see where Facing the Giants was filmed. I'm always looking at folks see if they were in the movie. Wonder how they handle their "celebrity" in such a small town!