May 26, 2010

I've Fallen Off the Wagon

I couldn't resist any longer.

It's been a busy year, but with school coming to a pseudo-close, I got back on Facebook.

I know, what was I thinking?

I mean, sure, I remember the post I wrote about why I left it behind. But since the school year is winding down, and I'm no longer going to be "trying a new curriculum," you know, since I've already been doing it all year,
I think I can handle it.

Besides, this time, I know what to expect. I know where to draw the line before it gets insane.

No more Farmtown.

No more weirdo gifts to be obligated to pass around.

Sending a flying cockroach to my middle-school-childhood BFF was fun, but, it's been done now. No reason to do it again.

And absolutely no more goofy quizzes. Unless of course I find one that tells me what Mystery Science Theater 3000 robot I am. I might make an exception for that one.

Oh, and I'll pass on the Lil' Green Patch too. Sheesh. Do you have any idea how much time I spent watering, raking, and sending cabbage-patch-looking plants to people?

No more.

It's a Social Networking site, and that's what I intend to use it for. Anything else is just time abuse. See ya there!


Diana said...


Ryan Mueller said...

I have backed away from Facebook. I am despising the privacy issues they have been pushing on their users. If not changed, all your information has been opted into as publicly shown to the entire internet, and I don't intend for everything to be shown. The issue I [personally] have with it, is that they DO opt you into this, and their privacy areas are just a MESS. Now there are good sites that show you what is displayed on your profile public (such as, but until they understand that people want their privacy, my trust is out the window.

Also, for the time that people spend on Farmville, they could actually have their OWN farm and earn REAL cash by selling at a farmers market... Just saying :)

Edie said...

Well I hope I still see you around here too cause I don't fb much. Have fun not watering your plants! LOL!

Thanks for your sweet comments. You know I just love you myChel. I hope your sister didn't get fired. You didn't say.

Abiding Branch said...

Yep! Glad to have you back sister! Now back to blogging. lol

{Jodie} said...

My heart acheth (a little) because I'd like to join you, but alas, I'll not be seeing you there... I must continue my piece de resistance. (sigh) Well, have fun! And don't let it eat you alive. :)

Michelle said...

GIRL!!! Hit me up on FB! Social Networking, right! I never done the farmville, mafia wars, gifting stuff. I'm constantly having to ignore hugs and kisses. I'm a status updater with my BB..heehehee! the other night after watching Criminal Minds I actually updated I wouldn't be sharing anymore information. Yeah right! I like to talk too much and the 2.5 and 1 year old I spend my day with do not care! :D

Anywhooo! MST 3000! WHAT! I LOVED that show! How funny! I only got to watch it on occassion b/c I couldn't ever catch it consistently. Funny stuff!

My badge is on my page... you better request me and be my FBFF! LOL!

Dena said...

I'll wave to you on there when I see you. I too backed away from farming, zoo keeping and other games. You can waste away so many hours with those silly things.

Tracy said...

May you have fun with FB

I like FB just for keeping up with people. Have never let myself get into the games and after the first few quizzes, I decided they were all sort of the same anyway.