Feb 16, 2010

WANTED: A Good Laugh

My husband (DH) has gone over the top.

He is an addicted craigslist-er. He can't stay away. He shops for things he has no business buying, no plan of buying, and no resource for buying. But he can't stay away from the entertainment of it.

I can't tell you how many laughs we've had at some of the posts people will put on there. And I won't even go into all the grammatical issues that we see.

But some of them make you think they must not be from this country. Take this, for example:

i might take something on trade or just cash would be best its well worth the price and yes the price is firm ive got more than that in it im asking in it you must pick up thanks for your time [phone number deleted] mark also has new starter drive that was 30 dollars be glad to start it and you can ride i just want to say i dont have to sell just dont need watch what happens come spring ill also at good cb radio
I didn't have to look more than 3.2 minutes to find this shining example.

And then there are the ones advertising "1989 Jeep Creampuff!" and "Guy Stuff for Trade or Sale -- What'dya have?" or how about "Massage for Pine Straw or Compost!" You just can't pass this stuff up.

So DH went ahead and posted one of his own. Oh, it's a real post, alright. He means what he says about what he's looking for, and what he has to trade. He just went over the top in creativity, and I thought y'all might need a good laugh.

Here's how it went:

Post Title: My Wife Needs a Riding Lawnmower

I can weld just about anything. I can't weld the "crack of dawn" or a "broken heart," so don't send me your sob stories and expect me to "fix" them. If you have issues, get a Harley. You don't see a Harley parked in front of a Psychologist's office. However, if you have something made of metal, send it to me and your metal "issues" will be over.

I need a riding lawnmower for my wife. She is taking way to long to get dinner on the table in the evenings during the Summer. She doesn't have time to fix it either, so it must run now.

P.S. Ride Hard, Pray Harder!!!! 

I told him he needs to get his own blog. Such the comodian comedian.


sara said...

that is hilarious! Can't wait to see what kind of contacts you will get. I have never been on craigslist...but I think I am going to have to give it a try!

Carol Conway-Fleisher said...

My husband is addicted to Craigslist too! It must be a man thing! Your post was hilarious! I needed a good laugh after a long day. Thanks for posting. Keep up the great work!

Tara said...

Too funny! My hubby too. I have never been on there.
He did a great job on his post! Has he had any takers yet?

Debbie said...

My daughter introduced me to Craig's list. Who is this Craig guy anyway? She listed our $100 well-used piano for $55o. and sold it for said price in a week to the first customer who showed up. She also sold my old 'blond wood' 5o's dresser for $35. before I could put it out on the curb. I've never bought anything, I'm too busy selling:)

Tales from the Williamson's Trails said...

What is with guys and craigslist? My hubby loves it. Cute post your hubby did.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Us Texas girls have to stick together. Stop on by anytime.

Mama Belle said...

Funny. I've never even been on Craig's List. Guess I'll have to check it out.

Edie said...

I've never been on Craig's List either and after reading all the comments I'm convinced it's a guy thing.

This was too funny!

bensrib said...

I love craigslist too and have been known to read the ads just to laugh at them. Rod iron (wrought iron) and shays lounge (chaise lounge) . . . you can find anything on craigslist!

Michelle said...

How funny. That first one sounded like some of the Ding Dings here in the old Appalachia.

Abiding Branch said...

So since perception is reality...this is great! lol. Tell my brother I wuv him. he so funnay!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you know about this little gem: