Jan 5, 2010

My True Love Gave to Me...Day 10

Saturday before last, I started  the 12 Days of Christmas post series based on a book called The Real 12 Days of Christmas by Helen Haidle. You can read the introduction about it and the first 9 days here.


"On the tenth day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...ten lords a-leaping..."

The 1828 Webster's Dictionary describes the term "lord" as the following:

"A master; a person possessing supreme power and authority; a ruler; a governor."
Those referred to as "lord" in the Middle Ages (which is when "The 12 Days of Christmas" song was written), had authority to mandate adherence to the law as proclaimed in the land. Ten lords a-leaping is meant to represent the Ten Commandments of God as laid out in Exodus chapter 20 and again in Deuteronomy chapter 5.

But why are the lords leaping?

I long for Your deliverance, O Lord; I find delight in Your Law. Psalm 119:174

Or how about this one...

Praise the Lord! How blessed is the one who obeys the Lord, who takes great delight in keeping His commands. Psalm 112:1

Like the ten lords a-leaping, we ought to not only embrace God's Law, but we ought to love it, delight in it, and leap with joy at the thought of obeying it. After all, Jesus came to fulfill God's Law, not abolish it.(see Matthew 5:17 and Romans 3:31)

Hope y'all are staying warm out there wherever you are. I hear even Florida's cold right now, so that probably means most of you are too, if you live in the United States. I know I'm one frozen Southerner, myself.

See y'all tomorrow for day 11.


Anonymous said...

Chel, I just found you on the Texas blog post from Diana's. And what a lovely place to spend time! I've read a few of the Christmas posts -- so beautiful and inspirational! I'll be a follower of yours.
I have an idea for Texas bloggers. Would you mind emailing me? dcwisdom@yahoo.com

Tiffanie Lloyd said...

You aren't the only one who didn't realize I had moved. :) I love the Christmas theme on your blog, very shabby chicish and very fun. I love the pic of your boys too; handsome fellows!

This twelve days of Christmas series is neat. I'll have to get caught up on the first nine.

Anything new going on for you this year? How has homeschooling been going?

I'll be better about stopping by! Thanks for reconnecting. Hope you guys are warm. :)

Edie said...

I'm enjoying your series very much but not the cold weather. It's kinda hard to stay warm when it's snowing all over your blog. :D