Feb 17, 2009

I Can't BELIEVE I Haven't Told You This Yet

If you've been coming by here a while, you may remember from last August this post I wrote about Travis Cottrell coming to sing and lead music for our church on a particular Sunday. It was a very exciting day for me, to say the least. I mean, I had been jamming out to Travis's (Travis' ?) Alive Forever CD for a while, and I had absolutely no idea when I walked in that we had a guest that day. So needless to say, I was excited. A little.

So anyway, I gained maintained composure very well, I think. Even when I got the opportunity to meet him and talk to him and walk with him through the sanctuary. (*squeal!*)

Eh hem, as I was saying...composure. I had it. And so did he. He was very sweet and polite, and he even joked around with us a bit as we all walked together. That was a great day.

Sunday night a few weeks ago, I was very well aware of the special guests that were going to be there. It was Travis primarily, as he was to be recording a DVD and CD that will come out later this year.

If you've ever attended a large church, you'll appreciate the need for getting good seats. :-) They didn't open the doors to the worship center until 5:00 pm, but we were right by the door when they opened them. Everyone standing by the door was nervously commenting about the whole WalMart incident over Christmas, and that we all needed to be aware so we didn't get trampled!

Let's just say a few people showed up.

Well, along with Travis and his fellow musicians, we had the grand pleasure of hosting Beth Moore as well. You can only imagine the amount of estrogen running through the aisles that night. It was great. Travis said it reminded him of the "Capri Pant Conferences" that he does with Beth. Funny guy.

My only regret: I seriously thought that pictures would not be allowed since it was being recorded. Duh. So no camera. I know, what kind of blogger am I?

The concert was unbelievable. I truly cannot describe to you how powerful and God-honoring that night was. Some of my highlights were:

1) Travis sang his own version of Victory in Jesus...with flair. I can't wait to have that on CD...it was SO much fun!

2) The choir was fantastic! I believe there were about 300 in our choir loft that night. Unbelievable.

3) One of his back-up singers came to the foreground and sang "Mercy Seat" or some people call it "I'm Runnin.'" That was the most surreal song...the presence of God was so strong I'm surprised we didn't all fall flat on our faces or something. A.MA.ZING doesn't cut it. I'm just sayin.

4) There was one point about half way through the concert and after a very powerful song that a man went on stage and began quietly discussing something with Travis. We were all in wonder as we were trying to wind down a bit from the adrenaline rush.

Finally, Travis addressed the crowd and said, "Okay, they're ready to start recording now!"

The crowed roared in laughter, and he did too. He said, though, that there was a computer glitch in that last song, and we were going to need to do that one again. It was going to take several minutes for them to fix whatever it was and be ready, and Travis didn't want the audience to lose the momentum we had going.

So they did an impromptu performance of "Shackles."

Talk about a par-tay right there in our church aisles! It was so much fun!! I told my friend sitting next to me that as many times as I've heard that song, I've never been in a place where I could really let loose and dance and sing the way I wanted to; I'm usually driving! We had a blast with that song.

5) And then there were times when we heard from Beth. Let's just say that she did not disappoint. She had a word for us about worship, particularly corporate worship, that helped keep us focused on the "Main Thang" rather than all the cameras, lights, and smoke.

6) Now, there's no spiritual implications on this one, but it deserves to be noted that Beth had on about the cutest little red and leopard print jacket I think this girl has ever seen. Alas, one cannot simply Google "red leopard print jacket" and find it. Believe me on this. But, oh my, was it cute.

7) Now I've saved the best for last: Since the doors opened at 5:00, I had to take Lil'bit in the Worship Center with me for a bit as the childcare did not open until 5:40. As I walked out of the sanctuary doors into the main thoroughfare (you laugh, but I kid not!) to get him to the preschool area, I saw this small group of people kind of all huddled around each other getting off the elevator right in front of me. They were about to cross the highway I was on to get back stage. Right in the middle of the huddle was none other than Beth Moore!

In disbelief, I mumbled under my breath, "You gotta be kiddin' me."

And she heard me.

She had her cell phone to her ear, was surrounded by people, and on her way back stage as things were about to get rolling within the next 20 minutes, so she had plenty of reasons to just keep on walking.

Do you know she didn't just keep walking?

She heard my astonishment, and looked me square in the eyes, and said, "How are you, darlin?" Can't you just hear her say that?

My reply: "I'm kind of freaking out a little here, Beth! How are you?"

Big, Texas-style grin from Beth: "Oh, you're such a sweet darlin, let me come over there and hug your neck!" She weaved herself out of all those people and hugged me like I was an old friend.

You know, fame changes some people; but for some, the Famous One keeps them humble enough to realize that we are all just people, made in God's image and working for His purposes together. Beth is one of those people, I'm convinced.

Once I got to the preschool department, I had to give the front desk my son's month and year of birth to find which room he would stay in. My mind was so preoccupied with my recent encounter that I couldn't think of it for a minute! As I apologized to the preschool worker for my absentmindedness because I was still trying to wrap my absent mind around what just happened, she just smiled and said that Beth had just come down to the preschool area to meet the workers since they were not able to attend the concert.

Godly character. There just is no substitute.

I haven't been able to find the name of the CD and DVD that will be coming out later this year, but be looking for it. I have two reasons for you to make the personal investment by watching that DVD: 1) You'll be able to, in a small way, share with me one of the most worshipful nights of my life; and 2) You'll be able to get a load of that uber-cute jacket of Beth's.

It is not to be missed.

Feb 15, 2009

Project 365 -- #6 & 7

We're at it again! Welcome to my week 6 and 7 of the infamous Project 365! This has been a real challenge, especially once the "novelty" of it wore off a bit. Taking a picture every day is not difficult, it's the remembering to take a picture...and then finding something interesting that I haven't already shot!

Well, despite the difficulties, I managed to get one for every day these last two weeks except for a couple. I was having an allergic reaction to some medication I was taking, and was popping Benedryl like it was candy. I don't know if that stuff affects everybody else like it did me, but I'm pretty sure I left the planet for about 5 days. I should be the textbook insomniac now that I've seemingly had a total of about 118 hours of sleep out of a possible 120 in those 5 days. It's no wonder parents joke about giving their toddler a dose of that stuff on an airplane...I wouldn't wake up from screaming jet engines either!

Anyway, on with the show:

Sunday, Feb. 1
I'll bet you can guess which Sunday this was...
Super Bowl Sunday...and my DH made me take a picture of Arizona while they were winning. It's not that he's a huge Cardinal fan, it's that he's very much an anti-Steelers fan. It's the Dallas Cowboy blue blood in him...he can't help it.

Sunday, Feb. 1
Since I missed a picture later on, I'll use two from this day.
This is how Lil'bit fell asleep. WITH his daddy coaching from the "sidelines."
No, I did not give him Benedryl.

Monday, Feb. 2
This is Mini Me playing computer games (probably Lego Star Wars)...again.
That boy would live on the computer if I let him.

Tuesday, Feb. 3
This was an amazing morning...the snowflakes you see were not only a neat surprise, (you northerners can quit rolling your eyes now), but it was truly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen weather-wise. The snowflakes were so tiny, and the sun was hitting them exactly right, so that from our back door you couldn't see the flakes themselves...only golden glitter.

Wednesday, Feb. 4
Daddy and Lil'bit snuggled on the big chair.

Thursday, Feb. 5
Mini Me doing some schoolwork.
Just so you can appreciate how much this picture means to me, Math used to be such a bear for him to work through. It's not that it was hard for him, but it didn't come as "easy" as all his other subjects, so he thought he just "wasn't good at it."
Now he's beyond that, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Friday, Feb. 6
Ugh...this is just a smidgen of the beginning of the
Great Horrific Allergic Reaction of 2009.
This is the last thing I remember until Wednesday.

Saturday, Feb. 7
This was the day my face and eyes started to swell. I thought I would thrill you with my pathetic "help me!" eyes. I literally forgot I took this picture until today, when I downloaded.

Sunday, Feb. 8
We went to Sunday School and then came home. My sock monkey slippers were my constant companion that day. Them and my Benedryl.

Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 9 & 10
Forget about it.

Wednesday, Feb. 11
I give you this shot, on this day, because DH has made an appointment -- one week from today -- to get his hair cut! All that hair is going to become a wig for some lucky little girl someday soon!

Thursday, Feb. 12
Gettin' a little artsy with this one.
I love old glass doorknobs. This is one of three that DH mounted on weathered cedar. We use them as coat racks and backpack hangers.

Friday, Feb. 13
You're gonna see some more of this, um, thing.
It's a bar-be-que pit that DH is going to overhaul for a guy. This is actually an older picture, but I wanted to show you what I've been working on today. And tomorrow, too. And the next day, and the next...seriously. I'll have some "after" pictures when we're done.

Saturday, Feb. 14
As DH and I were working on said pit, the boys were busy catching lizards and making a habit for them. There is a lizard on the left end of the bottom stick, dipping his head into water. The pile of rocks was a "cool shaded place" where the lizard could "sleep."

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Feb 3, 2009

25 Random Things About My Husband

DH wrote this on his Facebook, and I was so touched that I asked if I could post it on my blog. I think you'll like his more than you would anything I could come up with. Well, at least I did, anyway.

25 Random Things About Me (again, from my DH)

1. First, I love Jesus.
2. I don't look down on those that don't love Jesus.
3. I'm deeply in love with my wife.
4. I don't drink, I tell people I have a heart condition. (I love my wife with all my heart)
5. I love to hear my boys say"I love you Daddy" it's a melody to my soul.
6. I believe that if the second amendment is the first to go, the first will be the second to go.
7. I don't make friends easily, but try to be friendly.
8. I built the first motorcycle that I have ever owned.
9. I believe if somebody builds something, I can fix it.
10. I appreciate when someone does something for me, but don't always convey it.
11. I live in a house that the kitchen was a post office during the civil war.
12. I'm a husband first, a father second, and a biker third, I can't afford to confuse these.
13. I believe my boys are my LEGACY, therefore, I MUST raise them in the way of the Lord.
14. I deeply miss my home state of Texas, and believe I will be home again.
15. I'm not perfect, don't want to be perfect, there is no need to be perfect.
16. I weld for a living, I don't live to weld.
17. I've been in two fist fights in my life, both with the same guy!
18. I enjoy looking at pictures of myself, but hate my picture being taken.
19. I'm growing my hair for the soul purpose of donating it to a little girl that can't grow her own. (I'll be donating it next week )
20. I've been published. Cool
21. I don't make near enough money to support my spending ABILITY.
22. Family is the utmost important to me. I miss those that we have lost.
23. BBQ is the only way to cook!!!!!
24. I want to build my own home some day.
25. I'm inspired by my wife's ability to be kind and loving to the likes of me.

Be still my heart. ♥

Feb 1, 2009

Project 365 -- #5

It's Sonday again! Here's my pictures for this last week...hope you enjoy them!

Sonday, Jan. 25
Hubby's new shirt he got for Christmas. I thought it was cool.

Monday, Jan. 26
This is a fitting picture for today. Over the weekend, I went to the Goodwill thrift store in my town to look for an ugly coffee mug. Yes, I did. Because my dear friend and blogging mentor, Lidna, was having a conniption because no one was going to participate in the great and significant Ugly Mug Contest she was hosting.
I felt it incumbent upon me to help my poor, distraught friend.
However, Goodwill didn't have a thing that was ugly enough for me to even think of spending money on. (There's a sentence I never thought I'd write!) But I found these beauties while I was looking. I paid a whole $1.50 a piece, and they match a crystal centerpiece that my grandma gave me for Christmas.
Lord, I love me a good deal.

Tuesday, Jan. 27
This is Mini me laughing his head off. Literally. See? He's trying to hold it on.
Can you guess what he might be laughing at?
He's reading a book called,
"The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle: My Life as Crocodile Junk Food."
He thought it was stinkin' hilarious. So hilarious that he literally couldn't put it down and ended up finishing it that same afternoon. The best part about it is that it's about missionaries sharing the love of Jesus. There's a whole series of them; I can't wait to hear the laughter.

Wednesday, Jan. 28
This was my breakfast: Texas Ruby Red grapefruit
It's been too long, Ruby Red.

Thursday, Jan. 29
DH and I were having a fun camera shoot.

Friday, Jan. 30
My coffee in the bright early morning.

Saturday, Jan. 31
These are my most favorite PJ's. The pants have the same red threaded trim at the bottom. My mommy sent them to me for Christmas, and I wore them almost the whole day today.
I just love days like that.

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