Dec 23, 2009

Anti-Spammers, Unite!

Okay, so now I've about had it with the spammers. I didn't realize that's what was going on until I saw it mentioned on a friend's blog that they were having issues with it and were going to have to "turn on the dreaded word verification."

Well now, I've had to turn on the dreaded word verification thing. Sorry, dude.

For several weeks now, someone (or something) has been trying to leave a comment in Japanese on one of my older posts. I just kept rejecting the comment, thinking they would stop eventually. Well no. They haven't. Then I got another one today that was just a bunch of gibberish left by an anonymous person. Seriously, what do they hope to gain from doing that? There was no link to follow, none of their words made any sense, so what's the deal? Are they really that BORED with their own lives?

So now, my blogger buddies, you have to type in a weird non-word in order to leave a comment. I know that slows the process down a bunch, but I hope you understand. Maybe after the most wonderful time of the year has passed, these nincompoops will find something else to do and I can take it off again. But until then...

...verify, please.

And know that I will do the same for you, because no spammer is gonna come between me and my comments.

So there.


bensrib said...

I will be happy to verify. I just switched to Disqus for my comments and like it a lot better. Merry Christmas!

Edie said...

We stand United in so many ways! LOL!
I'm hoping it's just the Christmas rush and it will die down after the first of the year too. *sigh* The things we have to do to protect ourselves these days. :D

Have a most blessed Christmas to you and your family!

Much love to you My Chel! ;)

Now I'm going to use my DWV in a sentence.
fulas - Those spammers can't fulas! Haha!
(just making it fun. okay I'm outta here.)

Mama Belle said...

I know. Don't you just hate that. It's ok. We'll type in the word or should I say non-word.