Mar 1, 2009

Project 365 -- #8 & 9

Lest you come down on me for breaking the rules, Sara, I must apologize upfront for making two-week entries...two posts in a row. I'm sorry, my dear. I'm not intending on doing the whole project this way, I promise! I would much rather post every week so they don't pile up!

So with that said, here we go:

Sunday, Feb. 15
This is the last time DH would blow dry his hair with my pink hairdryer.

Monday, Feb. 16
Lil'bit came back from the creek with a surprise!
It's funny because I would never, ever have picked that up for fun when I was a kid.

Tuesday, Feb. 17
First sign of Spring

Wednesday, Feb. 18
DH kept his hair appointment.
I plan to write a post about it this week, so further pictures are forthcoming.

Thursday, Feb. 19
We had our homeschool co-op today. One of the classes I teach is my son's 5th grade Astronomy class. These are the Jupiters that we painted today to add to our foam solar system.

Friday, Feb. 20
Continuing to paint the bar-b-q pit...more on that to come too!

Saturday, Feb. 21
Yet another "friend" the boys found at the creek.
That, my friend, is what you call a crayfish.
Also known as a crawdad.
Mini me found it under some moss in the creek behind our house. Never a dull moment.

Sunday, Feb. 22
Another sign of Spring...I'm so ready.

Monday, Feb. 23
This is a sneak preview of the pit we FINISHED and delivered on this day!
As my friend, Lidna Linda over at Second Cup would say, "Woo to the Hoo!"

Tuesday, Feb. 24
I took a couple of pictures that might be used in my new blog background that is ALSO forthcoming! I can't wait to show you what Jackie at Our Moments Our Memories has done for me!

Wednesday, Feb. 25
Mini me's newest lego creation. It's a playground, complete with monkey bars, a swing set, slide, and benches for old people. :-)

Thursday, Feb. 26
More signs of Spring!
This is one of the 3 plumeria plants that we have. This flower stem has been growing slowly all winter long...I guess this one's looking forward to Spring like we are!

Friday, Feb. 27
I caught Lil'bit checkin' out his abs in the mirror. What a stud.

Saturday, Feb. 28
We're gonna be paying out big bucks one day for scuba lessons.
Swim, baby swim.

That's my two weeks. Thank you to Sara, our hostess, for being so understanding. Now y'all go check out the other participates in Project 365 over at her place, Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I am so very glad to see someone else making up their own rules for this Project 365. :)

I LOVE the First sign of spring are getting quite good at this photography thing!

Checking out his abs....that cracked me up. It must be an inherent thing built into all little boys.

The picture of the lamp is perfect...I haven't put it into the header yet, but I can tell it's gonna work. I can always play with the color a little bit to get it to go with the other two if I need to, but you did a fantastic job!

Edie said...

I always enjoy seeing your week(s).

Someone's going to be thrilled with those gorgeous locks.

Love the signs of spring. I think I need to go find some of those. I'm ready too. Oooh a plumeria!

Great abs! LOL!

I used to dig up earthworms when I was a kid but that didn't look like an earthworm. I love God's creatures but those are two I would have left where He put them! That crayfish... eeeeeew!

Lisa said...

You are considerably ahead of CT in the spring-arrival department, but it is still fun to see it.

That lego creation is quite impressive. You must have a strong stomach for all those critters that get delivered to you!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Loved the pics and am looking forward to the promised posts to come. I have failed at Project 365. I'm excited to see your new look. I'm wanting one, too.

sara said...

oh listen...there are no rules for project 365!!! I am just so glad that you are doing it, because your pictures are great!

Seeing the little guy checking his abs out was too funny!!! I have two boys and that is something mine would do!!

spring! yippee!!!

fransmomma said...

i love the lego playground!! very creative! i cant wait to see your husbands haircut!!!

LuAnn said...

Your pictures are great this week. I love the legos. Makes me want to bring my 15 year olds out again.

Blessings this week!!!!

Dena said...

Great pictures! I still say your hubby has the most beautiful hair! Someone is going to be very lucky! We still have snow on the ground here, so I'll have to enjoy your signs of spring for a while longer.

Becky said...

Great pics... and don't feel bad... I started out with the whole month of January at once.

The worm is all good but the crawdad... I don't like catching things that can do bodily harm, lol.

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

fun fun my sister! Love it all of course my darling dear!
I like the way the flower is bowing!! And I can't wait to see this long awaited background!! woo hoo!!!!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Great pics!

And, don't apologize. I've only posted pics for two weeks so far. I'm not a good participant at all.