Mar 15, 2009

Project 365 -- #10 & 11

Welcome back to my two-week version of Project 365! I know, nobody else is doing it this way; I don't even intend on doing it this way. Really, I don't! I did finally figure out the cause, however. Of course I have known that this has been going on, but I hadn't associated it with my inability to post these more than every two weeks until now.

My husband is a computer hog.

At least on the weekends, anyway. He figures I have it during the day all week, so when he gets home it's his turn. I can understand that. Except I hardly ever get on Blogger all week until the evenings...when he wants it too! So it's been a never-ending saga of don't-get-off-the-chair-unless-you're-done-with-the-computer-because-opposite-spouse-will-immediately-displace-you-upon-your-departure.

How's that for a title?

So I guess until we replace the pooped out PC with a new laptop for my beloved, we're gonna continue the game. Maybe I can increase my skill level and win more often...?

On with Project 365:

Sonday, March 1
Mini me has been playing legos again. That's Indiana Jones on his measly little raft about to outwit the snake, the shark and the croc with one fell swoop.
"Snakes...why does it have to be snakes...?"

Monday, March 2
We had chocolate chip pancakes for supper. Does anybody else do that? We love it. These were the last three that I unintentionally poured to look like Mickey Mouse. Brown Eyes pointed it out and asked if he could add the chips. What a sweetie.

Tuesday, March 3
Lil'bit just being Lil'bit. Bedhead included.

Wednesday, March 4
Brown Eyes and his latest creation...some kinda somethin'. With wings. :-)

Thursday, March 5
Today is my sister's (Chel at Abiding Branch) birthday! Hope you had a sweet day, sistah! I wish I could have been there with you.
But this here has nothing to do with Chel.
Sorry for the tangent.
This is another one of my old books that I am currently reading aloud to my kids in the afternoons. I am thinking about typing up one of the short stories out of here so you can get a taste of what these awesome books are like. This one is called, "Nuts for Boys to Crack." Now you know I had to get that one.

Friday, March 6
We had the prettiest weather that day, so this is Lil'bit riding his bike down the dirt road by our house. You can't tell here, but there is a steep slope right in front of the camera, so he and his training wheels were gettin' some serious speed on.

Saturday, March 7
Another gorgeous day, so after daddy did some work, we all went to the park at our church. This is a cool web-thing that they climb, and that's a very proud Brown Eyes on top of it.

Sunday, March 8
Yet another sign of spring. Lil'bit brought me these flowers today.

Monday, March 9
Speaking of whom....what a face!

Tuesday, March 10
Today was my sweet mommy's birthday! I sure wish I could have been with you on your special day, Mom! I love you!!
This picture is the boys playing football in the late afternoon.

Wednesday, March 11
Lil'bit and his breakfast.

Thursday, March 12
Brown Eyes before his haircut, which will be tomorrow...

Friday, March 13
Brown Eyes after I gave him a serious haircut! Listen, I don't do the barber shop haircuts. If I have to do this, I need low maintenance. He really seems to like his hair like this. He's told me so several times since Friday night. Really, he has!

Saturday, March 14
DH's new project since he finished the bar-b-que pit from H-E-double-hockey-sticks. This is the front of an old (like antique, but very good) welding machine that he acquired. He is now not only fixing it up, he's "souping" it up. He cut off the front of the frame and built one out of stainless steel in its stead. It's going to be a showpiece when he's done with it. ;-)

Okay, so that's it! I hope you enjoyed your go check out Sara at Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord to see some more of Project 365. And tell her I said Hi, would ya?


skoots1mom said...

i've got to get more diligent with my camera...these are gr8!

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Hey sista!! Thanks for the b-day wish I sure do wish you could have been there with me too! It was a great dinner! And my hair did great too, now how is that?!? I love it when every hair is in place.
Ok you need to paint the picture with Lil'bit riding his bike down the road! I am telling you that would be an awesome painting! And I LOVE the fact that you took the picture of the old book on my birthday! You know how I love them!! Next birthday you can dress up like one of Austen's women and take a pic of yourself for me!! lol
Love you tons!

sara said...

love the pictures!! And every two weeks is just fine...there are no rules!! :)

I love the picture of lil'bit riding his bike with training wheels....that is some determination!!

Kim said...

The photo of your little guy riding his bike down the dirt road...too precious! And the yellow vase of daffodils is perfect (yellow is my fav color). All the pictures are great! You'll have to show us your hubby's "masterpiece" when it's done :-)

Lisa said...

Love breakfast for dinner! The daffs are beautiful and so is that road your son is riding down. Yay for spring!

fransmomma said...

i love the 'dirt road' picture!
looks like you had some lego fun this week too! :)

Dena said...

Great pictures! I don't know if I've said this before, but Lil' Bit looks a lot like his mama! You have some handsome boys, and I agree, that I love the haircut.

Becky said...

So much to look at. Your brown eyes is so handsome!

Love that bike pic, you should enter that one in the fair.

Nuts for Boys to Crack sounds like a great read.

We love pancakes, breakfast lunch or dinner.

Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said...

What another great post, as usual! AND-- I knew you would play my game! I have already acquired a couple of things for your box! I just love Etsy!! Now, I'm off to sign up for your game! Have a great day. xoxoxo
PS - tell my brother, while hogging the computer, to check out my wall on FB. He can call me if he wishes.
Besides y'all need to get your own laptops! We have 4 in the house and Wireless intenet setup. No waiting for computer time for anyone and I could blog from the loo if I wish (but I don't)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Daffodils! Oh, they are so gorgeous, one of my favorite spring flowers.

I know you know this, but your sons are SO handsome. Really - all three of them...with those big eyes and

Looking at the picture of Lil'bit riding his bike down that old dirt road is giving me a serious case of homesickness...I want to go home to my mama's house in the country. What a great shot!

Edie said...

I lived with my grandma growing up and we used to have pancakes for dinner sometimes.

I nearly had a heart attack watching Lil Bit ride down that slope! Aaaahhhh!!

I love the lego creations!!

Tiffanie said...

How have you been? Seems like all has been good in your neck of the woods. You probably don't even remember me it's been so long. :)
We moved, got involved in a church plant and life has just been kinda full. Baby girl is about to turn seven months old and she's crawling now! Anyhow, things are slowing dow and we have some routine going again... for now, and I was excited to stop by your blog and say hello. By the way, we love pancakes for dinner.

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to your pictures. I love them.