Jan 25, 2009

Project 365 -- #4

Here we are...week #4 of Project 365. A whole month of pictures for this year. Can you believe how crazy-fast time flies? Me neither. Here's my week in pictures:

Sonday, Jan. 18
Tim Tebow wearing John 3:16 on his face during the Gator game last week made an impression on my boys. Unfortunately, all we had were stickers that instead of John 3:16, they are John Deere. ha!

Monday, Jan. 19
I don't know why, but for some reason that Mini me was very, very sleepy for school. Does this look like a boy who just woke up and had breakfast? That was a long morning.

Tuesday, Jan. 20
It was so cold that morning, that when I opened my pantry, I noticed that my olive oil had a cloudy look to it. I took it out to find that it had congealed like pig fat left out overnight. Ewwww....
My pantry literally felt like a refrigerator!

Wednesday, Jan. 21
Sara, the one who hosts this fine project you are meandering through, had a contest at the beginning of the project, and guess who won the beautiful camera case you see displayed in all its cuteness? Why, yours truly, my dear!
Thank you, Sara! You are a fantabulous Hostess!

Thursday, Jan. 22
Brown Eyes working on his school work before we leave for the afternoon for our co-op classes. Be still my heart.

Friday, Jan. 23
This is a picture of a mystery gift I received from an anonymous blogger friend. Come back tomorrow to find out more about this interesting enigma!

Saturday, Jan. 24
Saturday morning cartoons.
Ahhh...to be a kid and have no worries...

A special shout-out to Sara at Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord for hosting another week of fun pictures! Now go check out hers and the rest of the bunch!

Have a worshipful Sonday!


Dena said...

I love your pictures. You're boys are so cute, and the sleepy boy picture made me laugh, because I have one of those living here too. ha!

Edie said...

John 3:16 - John Deere, hmmmm, do you think people will make the connection? LOL!! That is too cute. :)

You even got a lollipop with the camera case!? Now I'm really jealous. ;) Congratulations on the win.

Looking forward to hearing about the mystery gift.

"Ahhh...to be a kid and have no worries..." I'm with you there.

Happy Sonday to you my friend!

sara said...

love the Tim Tebow lookalikes!!!

my mom sent me some fancy olive oil once when we lived in IN, it was frozen solid when it got to me!!!

yea, for the cameral case. Hope it fits, b/c I really like mine!

A mystery gift...hmmmmm

Jennifer said...

My gosh they are getting so big! I'm cracking up on the Olive Oil. Looking forward to next week!

Lisa said...

I can't believe how fast time goes, either. I had the exact same thing happen to my bottle of olive oil...I put it near the woodstove and it looked normal in no time.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind waking up on a Sat with nothing to do! :)

Elle said...

John Deere stickers
too funny
cute pics

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Chel, I think both of your boys look like you. You know I love a mystery ... I'm wondering what's going on with that book.

Gina said...

Leaving a legacy - I love that! Great pics, you have cute boys. I can relate to the olive oil - my pics are in a cupboard on an outside wall and I get concerned sometimes they will be damaged. Yikes! TFS

Jodie said...

I LOVE looking at your pictures Chel. Your boys are SO beautiful. That Brown Eyes is a killer. :)
And John Deere... that's just clever and so very cute. :)

And congratulations to you on being the BIG WINNER. How very fortunate. :)

Love ya!

Kim said...

Ahhhh, love the pictures of your boys! Just wanna pinch their cheeks :-) But don't tell them, 'kay? 'Cause they'd just roll their eyes. LOL

I'm not missing those cold northern winters! Ewwww is right on congealed fat.

Lorri said...

Grats on winning the Camera Case! I've never seen Olive Oil look like that!

mamajil said...

Love the pics. The John Deere sticker pictures are funny to me!! My kids are Tebow fans too! Loved reading your post have a blessed week

Greg C said...

I looked at those stickers and thought "where does she get John 3:16 from John Deer? Perhaps they are John Deer 3:16 which would say that God loved Deer too if there were such a verse. :)

RissaRoo said...

I'm glad I found your blog! Thank you for stopping by mine...a new reader is worth way more than a Starbucks card :o)

I love your pictures, your boys are darling and the olive oil...yipes! I grew up in Montana, and I know it has to be pretty cold in your pantry to achieve that! Wow.

Meg in Tally said...

Mini Me kind of looks like Tim Tebow! And what a wonderful role model Mr. Tebow (famous former homeschooler) truly is -- not only as a football player but as a child of God. I know quite a few people who know him personally and they all attest to his real LIFE testimony to Christ.

Love all the pictures, Chel...wish I could get a round tuit.