Jan 10, 2009

Lego Star Wars Never Saw This Coming

My oldest son, Mini me, has a deep and ardent affection for Legos. He also has a particular preoccupation with all that is Star Wars.

Here's what you get when he puts the two together:

I know,
it's exactly what you expected, isn't it?

Please notice with me the numerous books and the pencil laying on the, um, storm trooper's computer desk. And Obi-Wan Kenobi keenly standing behind overseeing the progress. The book on the left corner of the desk says, "Star Wars Episode I." And the pencil is actually a piece of lead (I know it's graphite now, but we still call it lead...go figure) that fell out of one of his pencils that day. I wonder if that was his inspiration...? Stranger things have happened. Especially with him.


The Master of the Lego Star Wars Schoolhouse Universe.

A boy after my own heart. ♥


sara said...

I loved this!! It brought back so many memories of my boys and girl, all who loved legos, and their many creations....I may have to post some in the future!!

Tell him GREAT JOB!

Sister Angie said...

Our sons need to spend some time together. They have much in common. Great imagination. Love it!

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Very cool! That nephew of mine is awesome! Tell him I am proud that he sees education as first in any galaxy!

Elle said...

Very cute
nice pics

Cortni said...

That is so funny! He's very creative!

Mama Weso said...

You posted a comment on my fizzled, but now revived blog ... http://gutsyentrepreneurs.blogspot.com/ and seeing your comment I linked to your blog. My son, who will turn 11 this month, is obsessed with the Star Wars Legos. I'll have to show him your son's creations. I'm home from church with a sick child. Anyway, his birthday is this month and he's having all his buddies bring their light sabers, camp out in the back yard, and watch a Star Wars movie (drive in style) projected on the back of the house. He wants a Darth Vader cake. We found a cool Darth Vader helmet thing at Goodwill that changes your voice to sound like Darth Vader. We teach worldview seminars so it's slightly disconcerting to encourage interest in movies that teach zen ... but there are lessons to learn! Right?

Edie said...

Hahaha!! I don't know how I missed this but so glad I found it this time. I love his imagination! And what's this thing in the background that says Grandma's favorite? It must be good whatever it is. :P

Dena said...

How creative! I had to laugh at myself though. My first thought was that maybe the Star Wars guy was sitting at his desk blogging. LOL

MamaHen said...

I love this blogging thing! Now EVERYONE can see that I was not exaggerating one bit about my terrific grandchildren! Way to go, Big Guy! Love you, Granny