Nov 30, 2010

Since You're Probably Cold Anyway

And since we're playing catch up, I'll start all the way back at the Fourth of July. Maybe the pictures will warm our frosty toes a bit.

We had a couple of families over for snacks and desserts in the afternoon. 
I'm going to say it looks like more desserts than snacks, 
but who's counting?

This was one of my favorite things I made for the day: 
Lady Liberty cupcakes. 
There is cupcake baked right into the ice cream cone!
I used sugar wafers cut diagonally and frosted to make the flames.

Some of the kids playing in the pool.

Parents doing what parents do best.

Brown Eyes warming his buns by the fire. 
Look at his face...goofball.

DH pulls out his big guns. Literally. The kids enjoyed watching him fire his "toys."

No Fourth of July is complete without the sparklers.
This is one of our guests...and can you believe it was his first time to hold a sparkler? He was pretty amazed. And a little nervous...but he got over it pretty quickly.

Up next: Lil'bit's Toy Story 6th Birthday party...replete with fun for all ages! (or at least for a 6 year old) Come back if you can stand all the rowdy tomfoolery! Can you handle it? We're a wild and crazy bunch.


Ronda said...

I love the pictures and they do warm my toes, and my heart. I really love the picture of brown eyes warming his tushy by the fire...too cute. His face looks like he is saying "oooooo-la-la".

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sweet, sweet fun times!! Love that last photo. And, I sure would like one of those watermelon stars about now! ;)

DidiLyn said...

You played the "warm summer" card too soon, my friend.
Wait until we are really sick and disgusted with old man winter, and THEN pop out the July pictures.
Never mind....I am more than ready for summer again...

Michelle said...

Aha! Blackberry! Duh. Good pics!