Apr 1, 2010

Cake for Supper and Dirt for Dessert

We're friends, right?

And friends share recipes and exchange our impressively creative ideas with each other, right?

This is one of the many, many benefits to blogging: all the paramount ideas we can learn from one another. I got the idea for dinner today from one such blogger, Karen at Surviving Motherhood, and now I have the privilege of sharing it with YOU.

We did something like this several years ago, but I didn't get any pictures of it then.
  1. I didn't have a camera.
  2. I wasn't blogging yet, so it didn't matter.
But today, I'm getting pictures. Because you wouldn't believe me if I didn't get them.

Menu for the Day:

Vanilla Ice Cream scoops with chocolate syrup
(drop biscuit scoops with warm Nutella poured over the top)

 Breakfast of the Year 2010

Lil'bit enjoying his "hot fudge sundae" breakfast

Fish Sticks with mac & cheese
(vanilla wafer cookies covered in peanut butter and "breaded" with crushed corn flakes; mac & cheese was real)

 Fish Sticks that fell from heaven

Brown Eyes was pretty fooled with this one; he had no idea until he bit into it.

Chocolate cake with white icing
(meatloaf cake frosted with mashed potatoes, served with real green beans...I can't help myself.)

Lil'bit was the only one so fooled by this one. He kept asking if he could "lick the bowl."

Dinner was really fun...

Lil'bit was "less than impressed" with his "cake"

Mini me enjoying his "cake"

Red Juice Cocktail
(which was really red jell-o in a glass with a straw)

Mini me's thinkin', "How am I supposed to drink THIS?"

Flower Pot Dirt Cake
(crushed oreos on top of pudding/coolwhip/cream cheese concoction)

 Complete with Easter lilies

The last time we did this, we made cupcakes the same way as the cake; just make meatloaf in muffin cups, and "frost" with colored mashed potatoes. We also made green beans out of green jolly rancher chews, which was really fun.

Hope you guys had a great April Fool's Day...I know we did.

Have a Happy Resurrection Day!


Mocha with Linda said...

Wow, I'm impressed! That's a lot of work!

myletterstoemily said...

a delicious april fools menu!

wish i could have been at
breakfast . . .

gianna said...

I'm stopping by from karen's blog. This looks like SO MUCH fun!

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for the mention, Chel. I'm glad you had so much fun yesterday!

Have you ever seen Kitty Litter Cake? My sister-in-law just sent me pictures of the one she made, and it is hilarious! (And gross if you think about it too much. LOL!)

Michelle said...

That is so funny!