Apr 22, 2009

I Used to Come Here A Lot

Hi. My name is Chel. This used to be a really cool hang out for me. Perhaps if you were to dig in the deep recesses of your mind, Blogger, you might remember me.

I used to write two and three, maybe even four times a week. Now it's been...well, a long time.

No, it's not you. It's me.

I happen to be in an insanely busy time right now. It's not that I don't want to come visit you, Blogger, it's just my time has not really been my own lately. I know, it hurts. It hurts me, too.

You have been so faithful to me in the past...even at 3 in the morning when I can't sleep...you've been there. I remember cuddling up in the big red chair, nestled under a throw blanket, listening to Frank Sinatra and pouring my heart out to you.

OH how I miss those days.

And then when my relief was complete...you had so many friends that you shared with me. I made such sweet, precious friends and I miss them dearly. Would you please tell them for me?

No, I can't stay. I really mustn't. Please understand. I long to be here with you, making that lovely rhythm of fingertips and keys...dancing our way around this crazy life. *sigh*

Oh I do hope that you will be patient, my dear Blogger, and not turn away. Wait for me...I will come back to you. Life has not been the same since I wandered away. But I promise to make amends...and make it up to you. Only don't walk away.

See you soon.